Free Printable 30 Day Challenge Calendar

Blank Printable 30 Day Challenge Calendar to track your fitness. Use this template for workout, ab, plank, pushup, squat challenges.
30 Day Challenge Calendar

Purpose of 30-Day Challenge Calendar

You can use your 30-day challenge calendar in a myriad of ways. You can use these calendars to set fitness goals, academic goals, exercise goals, and other objectives. These can be completely tailored as per your needs.

Customizable 30-day challenge blank calendar template, monthly workout planner, tracking sheet, instant download files.
30-Day Challenge

Who All Can Use It?

If we talk about a specific age or gender who can use it, It would be wrong. From a school-going child to a full-grown adult, each and everyone can use this calendar. There is no need to think, just take one calendar and stuff it with your goals. You can use separate calendars for different ideas or habits. Since these calendars are available for FREE on our website so you can download as many as you wish to and have a goal-oriented life ahead.

Printable 30 Day Challenge Calendar to track your progress. Blank monthly calendar planner for fitness, habit, goal.

Different Ideas to Use 30-Day Calendar

  1. Meditate for 5–10 minutes a Day
  2. Write down three important things that matter
  3. Each day write down all you are thankful for
  4. Do a minimum of 25 leaping jacks
  5. Sit down at the desk for breakfast each morning
  6. Read for 15 mins every night
  7. Light incense or a candle whilst you get home
  8. Write a letter to a person each day
  9. Write down about each friend whom you adore
  10. Make the mattress every morning
  11. Cook a meal for yourself every day
  12. Get up 20 mins in advance than your regular time
  13. Spend 15 mins every day organizing an area in your home
  14. Give yourself a facial every now and then
  15. Go on a brief motor motorcycle ride
  16. 30 days of random acts of kindness
  17. Eat an apple/banana/orange/piece of fruit every day
  18. Complete a crossword or sudoku puzzle
  19. Write about morning affirmations
  20. Do dental flossing 2x a day
  21. Use lotion on your hands
  22. Pray regularly
  23. 15 mins of taking note of your preferred music
  24. Sitting in nature
  25. Cuddling with a pet
  26. Text a pal and allow them to understand why they matter to you
  27. Take a bubble bath
  28. Give up alcohol for 30 days
  29. Take a picture of something that makes you happy
  30. Write down one element every day that made you laugh
  31. Spend 10 mins drawing or doodling — even in case you suppose you “can’t”
  32. Write down a quote or something effective you heard every day
  33. Donate one element from your own home each day for a month
  34. Knit or crochet for a month
  35. Spend time coloring
  36. Work on an artwork project
  37. Paint a rock as a hobby to relieve stress
  38. Give yourself a hand and foot massage
  39. Do stretching and exercises for a month
  40. Try yoga for 30 days
  41. Learn a new language
  42. Mark all your bills and expenses
  43. Learn something new every day
  44. Control your anger for 30 days
  45. Have a healthy meal for 30 days
  46. 30 Day Push-up Challenge



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